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AFF's emblem

AFF's emblem



   19.11.2021 | Yerevan | ANOC head office

On November 19, 2021, in the 10.00 a.m. the General Conference of the FFA took place in Darpas at the federation's head office. 36 representatives of floorball clubs and teams were presented at the regular FFA congress. The sitting was chaired by Sergey Sargsyan. The President of the Federation thanked the delegates and guests for participating in this event.

The main points discussed were:

1. Report on 2021 Tournaments, including tournament outcomes match reports.

2. Review of all the 2021 AFF's championships and tournaments, as well as all issues related to teams.

3. Discussion and suggestions for the 2022 AFF`s official tournaments as well as suggestions for locations to be assigned to the Executive Committee.

4. Secretary General Armen Aloyan's report on the holding second round "Play-off" of the FFA Championship.

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