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AFF's emblem

AFF's emblem



   28.02.2021 | Vanadzor | "Hayastan" MP

The AFF's Executive Committee Meeting in the head office in Darpas. The meeting was chaired by Sergey Sargisyan and attended by all members of the AFF's Commiittees. The main items discussed were:

1. Review of all 2021 AFF championships and tournaments, and any issues regarding withdrawal of teams.

2. Report and update on 2021 tournaments, including reports from meetings held with tournament organisers.

3. Discussion on entries and offers to organization and carrying out the floorball's competitions and official tournaments in 2021 and recommendations to Executive Committee on venues to be used.

4. Presentation from Armen Aloyan, regarding of structure Armenian Floorball Championship and he have propose an ideas to name the Premier Phase of Armenian Floorball Championship as the "Division Nord" and in future to create "Division South" and to consider this tournament as zonal competitions to the Second Phase of the "Play-off".

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